Patient Reviews

Cathy Zinda Avatar
After a car wreck on 1/03/2023 my doctor sent me to Current Physical Therapy in Fruitland, Idaho. I had lots of issues prior and the wreck made them all so much worse. I am now virtually in little to no pain and better than I have been in years, thanks to the dedicated therapists at Current. I hate reviews but this place deserved my time. I totally recommend them and they will meet your needs. I am forever grateful to the therapists I have worked with, my goals were met and surpassed! Thank you to you all!
Cathy Zinda 5/21/2023
Micah Wood Avatar
Eric, Rob, Kira and the whole team at the Nampa location are incredible! Very patient, informative, kind, and customize to our specific needs. My wife and I have both gone here with great service! Highly recommend them! 🙌👍
Micah Wood 5/20/2023
Don & Karen Wood Avatar
Very helpful, courteous staff who were always friendly and personable. Like family. They have the client's best interests in mind every time you go in and never make you feel rushed. They are also protective of clients pain levels and don't push them to do anything that will cause sharp pain. A very positive experience.
Don & Karen Wood 4/22/2023
Henry Jones Avatar
Current is more than just a pt place, it’s my home. I might injure myself on purpose just so that i have an excuse to go back tbh. If you can’t make friends, go to current, they’ll get you straight and that’s on fred. Anyways i copped a quick dubski after a couple times goin there and felt a lot better. On a real note i had a great experience and would highly recommend! You also get drip for going so if your wardrobe is lacking, their green tee’s are fire aswell as the hats. Me personally, i went with the hat because i felt it suited me more but the shirt is also rad. Thanks Current, ya boy h dawg
Henry Jones 4/08/2023
Rickey Kamimae Avatar
The staff is great and very welcoming! This is the place to be for all your rehab needs. 10/10 recommend! 😁
Rickey Kamimae 3/26/2023
Brock Harris Avatar
Never been anywhere for pt before, but all the people here are really nice
Brock Harris 3/19/2023
Susan Inouye Avatar
PTs are caring; and I like that they try different strategies to help patients in their office visits and helping with at-home strategies with limited at-home equipment. I appreciate the day-before text reminders of the appointments. Thanks.
Susan Inouye 3/19/2023
Brody Frisby Avatar
Best physical therapy in treasure valley. Great staff.
Brody Frisby 3/19/2023
Stephanie Bailey Avatar
Excellent care in great environment. I would recommend anyone with problems that require pt.
Stephanie Bailey 3/19/2023