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We are committed to helping our patients reach their health and lifestyle goals through skilled treatments based on the most current and evidence based methods available.


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Our Specialties

As movement and pain specialists, our outpatient treatment facility offers treatment for a wide range of injuries, chronic conditions and aches and pains associated with the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Your health goals are our passion. Build strength, reduce pain, reduce your need for medication, it’s time to see what Current Physical Therapy can do for you.

Back and Neck Pain

Our clinicians receive advanced spine care training to give you the power to control your pain, stiffness and ability to do your work or daily activities without the need to purchase expensive equipment or rely on needles, injections, or surgery.

Balance and Fall Prevention

Have you had one or more falls in the past year? At Current Physical Therapy we are here to work closely with you to develop an individualized plan that includes balance and strength training. Together, we will prevent future falls.

Sports Injuries

Let our skilled clinicians at Current Physical Therapy help you get back to performing at your best safely and pain-free. Athletes will benefit from a custom built program that is sport and activity specific to address injuries and set-backs.

Post Surgical Rehab

Life after surgery doesn’t need to be hard. Our therapists are trained to help you regain strength and mobility following a surgery. Not only does physical therapy assist in recovery, but we will provide you with the best way to care for yourself and to return to daily activities.

Work Injury Rehab

Work related injury? Current Physical Therapy excels at getting you back to work quickly and safely after an injury. Let us build you a custom program in order to give you knowledge to better perform in your career injury free.


Low back pain and other pregnancy pains and discomfort don’t need to be “normal” for you. Our clinicians are here to help you with proactive therapy to prepare soon to be mothers for birth and the events to follow.

Customer Reviews

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    When people ask me, who my physical therapist is, I always say I go to Current Physical Therapy. The staff there are great, they even call me by my... Read More

    Kamiko Chang


    I have TMJ and the work Dr. Williams did was amazing and really helped me eat and have no pain with my jaw! I would strongly suggest to people with... Read More

    Benson Walkenhorst


    I have been going to Current for just about a month now. Eric and his team are seriously awesome. The facility is very clean. Paige is always so helpful with... Read More

    Sarah Clifford

  • "

    After total knee replacement, I entered Current PT with a walker and my over achieving brain/underachieving body having convinced myself this was going to work. This professional staff knows what... Read More

    Karen Dalton-Wemp


    Helped me after a shoulder injury to get me back in shape to join the military would recommend to anyone.



    The best physical therapist we've been to by far, my husband is doing so much better since he started coming here.

    Jade Johnson

  • "

    My experience has been wonderful I don’t want to be discharged lol. I have been to one before and never liked but I love it here ❤️❤️

    Dahlia Haro


    This place far exceeding my expectations for physical therapy! 10 out of 10 would recommend to a friend!! When I 1st saw my therapist Laura, I could barely lift my... Read More

    Nicholas Carter


    This place is awsome. Friendly people and great atmosphere.

    Jonathon Whitlow

  • "

    Nick and Matti are awesome. I would highly recommend going here for physical therapy. They both make you feel comfortable and make physical therapy fun as you are getting to... Read More

    Sarah Cooper


    I’ve been going for a long-term shoulder injury. It has been an excellent experience working with Eric and the staff. I would highly recommend. They are wonderful.

    Anthony McFeters


    Current Physical Therapy is the best place! While professionalism ranks at the top the staff manages to also maintain a friendly and fun place to recover from physical problems.... Read More

    Kathryn Hammett Gordon

  • "

    Eric and his whole team were incredibly professional friendly but most importantly did a phenomenal job helping me heal from a shoulder injury! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with exercises and... Read More

    Suzanne Gerlach


    The staff at Current Physical Therapy is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I’ve had debilitating back pain for about 5 years and was able to become relatively pain free after... Read More

    Henry Esquivel


    Current provides patients with a level of attention and care that can't be beat. I was in a ton of pain and was pretty skeptical to the idea that physical... Read More

    Braydon Shanklin

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